Branding + Naming

Northkey Management is a sports presentation and brokerage company.


Northkey is the key to the north. This means that their services are the guide to the best possible direction for a professional sports career. For this visual identity, we use and expand the concept of the north with elements of cartography, arrows, iconography, signage, maps, and more elements, giving them a sporty character.


We hope you enjoy this project.



Naming – Toro Patrón
Branding Design – Mínimo Estudio + Rubén Álvarez
Branding Art Direction – Rubén Álvarez
Portfolio Concept – Galilea Caratachea
Photography (Shooting & Edit) – Nabil Quintero
Portfolio Art Direction – Moisés Guillén
Portfolio Postproduction & Design – Moisés Guillén + Galilea Caratachea