Our design studio specializes in visual identity. We focus on research, conceptualization and development of brands with high impact graphics.
This rebranding project —something we did just for ourselves— is our way of celebrating five years of working as a studio out of Guadalajara, Mexico, connecting with people and brands from all over the world.
Our work is for people who know what kind of impact a brand can have if they develop it with a solid concept and then follow up on it with their own commercial actions. In all our planning, research and experimentation, we work as a team for results that are as profound as possible.
We aim at an international market since our commercial alliances are based on philosophical not monetary concepts.
We believe in ideas, just as we believe in excellence.
For our new visual identity, we stylized our main typography and the bars that condense the MINIMO name abstractly. We moved towards more aggressive and contemporary colorimetry and complemented visual language with products and messages that incorporate our brand’s signature concept: that the world’s secrets are hidden right there, in the shadows.

Only a few of us stop long enough to observe and try to decipher the truth.

Finally, we worked on creating a manifesto of ideas, both to engage our tribe and show those who don’t connect with our way of life to the door.